Global Finance Unit

List of Researchers

Title Researchers Research Fields Individual Research Projects Personal Web Page
Professor Takashi KAMIHIGASHI Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Dynamic Optimization and Macroeconomic Dynamics Link
Professor Shigeto KITANO International Monetary Policy International Macroeconomics: Globalization and Policy Responses Link
Professor Nobuyoshi YAMORI Microeconomic Policy Analysis Empirical Research on Japanese Financial System Link
Professor Kazuya KAMIYA Microeconomic Policy Analysis Monetary search theory, Contract theory
Professor Charles Yuji HORIOKA Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Empirical Analyses of Household Behavior
Project Professor Kazuo NISHIMURA Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Nonlinear Economic Dynamics Link
Associate Professor Yasuo TAKATSUKI Microeconomic Policy Analysis Empirical Analysis on Early Modern Economy and Institutional Analysis on Japanese Financial Market
Associate Professor Masahiko SHIBAMOTO International Monetary Policy Empirical Studies on Macroeconomic Effects of Japanese Monetary and Fiscal Policy Link
Associate Professor Daigo UMEMOTO Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Research on society, city, and traffic flow using simulation
Project Associate Professor Katsuyuki TANAKA Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Economic analysis based on data science, information retrieval, image recognition, machine learning