Actual staff and Posts of Importance

Actual staff

ItemActual staff (persons)
Associate Professor8 
Associate Professor52
Assistant Professor3 
Research Associate3 
Administrative Staff22 
RemarksProject Professor,Visiting Researchers

(As of July 1st, 2018)

Posts of Importance

Director of RIEB Prof. Nobuaki HAMAGUCHI
Deputy Director Prof. Kazuya KAMIYA
Prof. Nobuyoshi YAMORI
Head of Office of Promoting Research Collaboration Division Prof. Shigeto KITANO
Director of ICCA Prof. Munehiko ITOH
Director of CCSS Prof. Takashi KAMIHIGASHI
Head of Administrative Office,
Section Head of Research Support Section (concurrent)
Mitsuo AYABE
Section Head of General Affairs Section Kosato OKIYAMA
Section Head of Accounting Section Eiko MORI
Section Head of Library Section Yoko ENOMOTO

(As of April 1st, 2019)