RIEBセミナー(科研基盤研究(A)「南アジアの産業発展と日系企業のグローバル生産ネットワーク」/南アジア地域研究東京大学拠点(TINDAS) 共催)

2021年7月25日(日)10:30 ~ 12:00


日時 2021年7月25日(日)10:30 ~ 12:00
会場 Zoomを使ったオンラインセミナー
対象 教員、院生、および同等の知識をお持ちの方
使用言語 日本語
10:30 ~ 12:00
横澤 公道(横浜国立大学大学院国際社会科学研究院)
Purpose – This study examines the role of anxiety in kaizen behaviour and performance by empirically testing the influence of personal anxiety (state and trait) on individual kaizen behaviours (rule adherence, initiative and perseverance of effort), which, in turn, affect individual kaizen performance.

Design/methodology/approach – The data were obtained from a survey of 552 employees of four companies in Japan and analysed using structural equation modelling.

Findings – The results show that state anxiety has a significantly positive effect on rule adherence and kaizen performance. Trait anxiety positively influences employees’ initiative and the perseverance of effort but has a significant negative effect on kaizen performance.

Originality/value – This study contributes to kaizen and continuous improvement theory by focussing on individual kaizen, which is considered to be as important as organisation-level kaizen and investigating the relevance of personal anxiety for individual kaizen behaviours and kaizen performance. Keywords Behavioural operations, Continuous improvement, Individual kaizen, Personal anxiety, Suggestion system