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Kobe Economic & Business Research Series

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Online ISSN: 2185-5048
Print ISSN: 1348-5040

No.19 (pub date: 2013)

  • How Can Africa Flourish with Ethnic Diversity?: Synopsis of the Fifth Kobe University / JICA Conference on Ethnic Diversity and Economic Instability in Africa
    Auther: Hiroyuki HINO, John LONSDALE and Taylor St. JOHN

No.18 (pub date: 2010)

  • Economics of Diversity: Issues and Prospects
    Auther: Hiroyuki HINO

No.17 (pub date: 2003)

  • Forest Certification and Social Change: A Comprehensive Study in Japan
    Auther: Akira KAJIWARA

No.16 (pub date: 2003)

  • New Developments in International Trade: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations
    Auther: Edited by Seiichi KATAYAMA and Kaz MIYAGIWA

No.15 (pub date: 2000)

  • Commitments and Contests: A Game-theoretic Perspective on Japanese Vertical Relationships
    Auther: Kenji KOJIMA

No.14 (pub date: 1997)

  • Japanese Corporate Governance : An International Perspective
    Auther: Kenji KOJIMA

No.13 (pub date: 1997)

  • Economic Relations and Developments in Asia and Pacific: Collected Papers of International Cooperation Studies
    Auther: Edited by Kazuhiro IGAWA

No.12 (pub date: 1993)

  • Essays on the Economic Analysis of Labour Union
    Auther: Kazuo SHIMOMURA

No.11 (pub date: 1992)

  • Innovation and Business Dynamism in Japan and Korea
    Auther: Edited by Kenji KOJIMA

No.10 (pub date: 1989)

  • A Quantitative Analysis of Educational Policy in Postwar Japan
    Auther: Yasuo KONISHI

No.9 (pub date: 1984)

  • Essays in Some Topics of Modern Economic Theory
    Auther: Kazuo SHIMOMURA

No.8 (pub date: 1981)

  • Japanese Enterprises in ASEAN Countries - Statistical Outlook
    Auther: Hikoji KATANO

No.7 (pub date: 1979)

  • Economic Analysis of Shipping Freights
    Auther: Tetsuji SHIMOJO

No.6 (pub date: 1978)

  • Japan's Direct Investment to Asean Countries
    Auther: Hikoji KATANO, Atsushi MURAKAMI and Kiyoshi IKEMOTO

No.5 (pub date: 1977)

  • Accounting Measurement under Uncertainties
    Auther: Isao NAKANO

No.4 (pub date: 1971)

  • Macro-economic Theory of Take-off Process
    Auther: Hikoji KATANO

No.3 (pub date: 1970)

  • Monetary Factors in Japanese Economic Growth
    Auther: Jiro YAO

No.2 (pub date: 1963)

  • Production Theory of International Trade
    Auther: Hikoji KATANO

No.1 (pub date: 1962)

  • History of the Yen
    Auther: Hiroshi SHINJO