RIEB Discussion Paper Series No.2022-20

RIEB Discussion Paper Series No.2022-20


Export Capacity Constraints and Distortions


We investigate how export capacity constraints (ECCs) affect resource misallocation and aggregate productivity by distorting the firm’s export mode. Using unique datasets in China, we first document a number of observed patterns for the socalled “dual-channel exporters”, which export only a fraction of their products directly with the rest via intermediaries. We show that introducing capacity constraints reconciles the theory with the observed patterns in the data. Our quantitative exercise suggests that removal of the ECCs leads to gains of 2.27% in aggregate productivity, 4.97% in total exports and 0.37% in national welfare.


Dual-channel exporters; Capacity constraint; Distortion; Resource misallocation

JEL Classification

F10, O18


School of Economics, Nankai University

Yongjin WANG
School of Economics, Nankai University

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