Prof. Dr. Ralf BEBENROTH, Kobe University Japan



Research Interests

The most influential German business researcher, Eugen Schmalenbach, already stated that it is important for scientific researchers not to lose track of real-life issues. I consider it important, therefore, to engage in active outreach activities with foreign firms in Japan. As a native German, naturally, I try to support German firms in Japan, especially in the Kansai area.

Experiences in the following areas:

  • Market research for multiple German firms.
  • Consulting for firms, specifically for the ones with the intention to come to Japan.
  • Representation of foreign firms in Japan
  • If interesting, translations (e.g. patent translations).

Network in Japan:

  • Due to 22 years in Japan, many contacts to business and academics in Japan.
  • Contacts to official and local entities.

Regional Activity:

  • Kansai-area (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto region), exceptionally activity at Tokyo or other geographic areas.

Some of my activities so far:

  • Company- research and teaching at diesel engine producer at Osaka, Shiga.
  • Integration and communication manager for a Japanese Steelmaker at Shingawa, Tokyo.
  • Inpatriate study of Technology Firm at Kyoto.
  • Feasibility study and Due Diligence for music group: “Die Soehne Mannheims” to enter the Japanese market: Der Mannheimer Morgen
  • Project study for several firms in automobil and machinery sector.
  • Projects for German winery firm to enter Japanese market.
  • Research for German post and DHL
  • Research for German Ministry for trading environmental certificates.