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Latest papers
Yuki Higuchi, Keisaku Higashida, Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, Mohammad Sujauddin, Ryo Takahashi, and Kenta TanakaEconomic Development and Cultural Change


Latest papers
Akio Kawasaki (Oita University), Tomomichi Mizuno (Kobe University), and Kazuhiro Takauchi (Kansai University)Journal of Economics
Yasushi Kawabata (Nagoya City University), Yasuhiro Takarada (Nanzan University)Environmental and Resource Economics
Jared Desello (Japan University of Economics), Mary Grace Agner (University of Asia and the Pacific)International Journal of Economics and Finance

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This is list of journals with interest in publishing articles on topics of international economics and finance that may be of interest to IEFS Japan members.