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Kazunobu Hayakawa (Institute of Developing Economies), Hiroshi Mukunoki (Gakushuin University)Review of International Economics
Takumi Naito (Waseda University)Economics Letters
Xiao Feng (Nankai University), Yongjin Wang (Nankai University) and Laixun Zhao (Kobe University) Journal of Development Economics
Laixun Zhao (Kobe University)Review of International Economics
Kazunobu Hayakawa (Institute of Developing Economies), Tadashi Ito (Gakushuin University), Hiroshi Mukunoki (Gakushuin University),Journal of the Japanese and International Economies
Kozo Kiyota (Keio University, RIETI, and TCER) and Yoshinori Kurokawa (University of Tsukuba)Review of International Economics
Takanori Shimizu (University of Hyogo) and Hisayuki Okamoto (Sonoda Women's University)The Japanese Economic Review

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This is list of journals with interest in publishing articles on topics of international economics and finance that may be of interest to IEFS Japan members.