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About us

The principle of IEFS Japan is to create a place where researchers freely exchange ideas and inspire each other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

President 2019-
Takashi Kamihigashi, Kobe University
Treasurer and Secretary General 2019-
Junko Doi, Kansai University


IEFS Japan Membership

  1. Even though a member paid his/her membership fee to either IEFS or IEFS Japan, he/she will be automatically member of IEFS or IEFS Japan, depending on his/her physical location that year.
  2. Lifetime Membership fee of IEFS Japan is 10,000 yen.
  3. IEFS Japan may organize any academic sessions under the auspices of IEFS.
  4. Members of IEFS Japan get all benefits of presenting papers at the AEA meeting, and the Western Economic Association meeting.
  5. Members of IEFS Japan (with E-mail addresses) get monthly electronic IEFS newsletter, and may send news to this newsletter.
  6. At the discretion of the editor, RIE may include the meeting or conference announcements of IEFS Japan.

Membership Application [MS Word, 30KB]

E-mail Address Book, password required


Organization of IEFS Japan

The principle of IEFS Japan and How to become an organizer of IEFS Japan Meeting [PDF, 24KB]

Regional Chapters

Headquaters and Regional Chapters

IEFS Japan Award

IEFS Japan Award

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