日時 2018年10月4日(木)15:30 ~ 17:00
会場 神戸大学経済経営研究所 調査室(兼松記念館1階)
使用言語 日本語

15:30 ~ 17:00

報告者 チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ
所属 公益財団法人アジア成長研究所
論題 Why Do Children Take Care of Their Elderly Parents? Are the Japanese Any Different?
要旨 We conduct a theoretical and empirical analysis of why children live with (or near) their parents and provide care and assistance to them using micro data from a Japanese household survey, the Osaka University Preference Parameter Study. We find that the Japanese are more likely to live with (or near) their elderly parents and/or to provide care and attention to them if they expect to receive a bequest from them, which constitutes strong support for the strategic bequest motive, but that their caregiving behavior is also heavily influenced by the strength of their altruism toward their parents and social norms.