日時 2018年7月17日(火)14:00~16:00
会場 神戸大学経済経営研究所 調査室(兼松記念館1階)
対象 教員,院生,学部生,および製造企業などで技術・製品開発に関わりを持たれている方
使用言語 英語

14:00 ~ 16:00

報告者 Fabian FROESE
所属 Human Resources Management and Asian Business, Georg-August-University Göttingen
論題 Knowledge Acquisition of Expatriates
要旨 In today’s global knowledge-based economy, knowledge has become a crucial success factor for organizations and individuals. Highly qualified workers relocate abroad to obtain valuable knowledge and to accelerate their career progress. Integrating theories of cognitive ability and work experience, this study investigates the influence of learning abilities and cultural intelligence (cognitive abilities), and organizational tenure and work experience in the host country (work experience), on the knowledge acquisition and career success of expatriates. Results from a multi-wave survey of more than 600 expatriates from more than 100 countries show that both cognitive abilities and work experience increase knowledge acquisition of expatriates, which in turn increases subjective career success. Moreover,  results suggest that the beneficial effects of learning abilities can only be leveraged after expatriates have gained work experience in the host country. Theoretical and practical implications will be discussed.