日時 2018年6月25日(月)15:30 ~ 17:30
会場 神戸大学経済経営研究所 会議室(新館2階)
対象 教員、院生、および同等の知識をお持ちの方
使用言語 英語

15:30 ~ 17:30

報告者 手島 健介
所属 Centro de Investigación Económica, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
論題 The Violent Consequences of Trade-Induced Worker Displacement in Mexico
概要 Mexican manufacturing job loss induced by competition with China increases cocaine trafficking and violence, particularly in municipalities with transnational criminal organizations. When it becomes more lucrative to traffic drugs because changes in local labor markets lower the opportunity cost of criminal employment, criminal organizations plausibly fight to gain control. The evidence supports a Becker-style model in which the elasticity between legitimate and criminal employment is particularly high where criminal organizations lower illicit job search costs, where the drug trade implies higher pecuniary returns to violent crime, and where unemployment disproportionately affects low-skilled men.