How Can Regional Financial Institutions Promote Regional Revitalization in Japan?: Results of the 2017 Survey on Regional Finance


The authors conducted “Survey of Current Conditions and Challenges of Regional Finance in Relation to Regional Revitalization.” We sent a questionnaire to 520 financial institution headquarters throughout Japan during January and February 2017 with the aim of shedding light on the status of regional revitalization-related measures by regional financial institutions and the challenges they face. Responses were collected from 280 companies (a response rate of 53.8%). In this paper, we report the major results regarding challenges faced in regional revitalization, corporate restructuring support, startup support, and business matching measures.


Regional Finance, Regional Revitalization, Startup Support, Business Matching.


Nobuyoshi YAMORI
Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration
Kobe University
E-mail: yamori@rieb.kobe-u.ac.jp

Faculty of Management, Aichi University