Examining Shanghai Consumer Preferences for Electric Vehicles and Their Attributes


In this study, we conducted a stated choice survey in Shanghai to examine the attitudes of Shanghai residents towards electric vehicles and their attributes. Multinomial Logit and Random Parameter Logit models were used to analyze the response data for three samples—the full sample, a subsample of potential electric vehicle purchasers, and a subsample of unlikely electric vehicle purchasers. We found that the respondents in each of the three groups preferred electric vehicles with a longer driving range, a shorter charging time, a faster maximum speed, lower pollution emissions, lower fuel cost, and a lower price. However, a comparison of the two subsamples showed that potential electric vehicle purchasers were willing to pay more than their counterparts for enhancing vehicle attributes. We also investigated the determinants of likely electric vehicle purchase and found a number of demographic characteristics that were statistically significant.


Electric vehicles, Preferences, Stated choice experiment, Willingness to pay, Random Parameter Logit Model

JEL Classification

Q42, Q51


Yongyou NIE
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