Measurement of GDP per capita and regional disparities in China, 1979–2009


This paper analyzes provincial GDP per capita disparities in China from 1979 to 2009. Provincial GDP per capita of official statistical materials has several problems such as problems of data correctness and reliability, because the data cover the huji population and the changzhu population. This study compares results using modified changzhu population GDP per capita data with results using official statistical materials. The empirical results are as follows: (1) Studies since the 1990s have overestimated interprovince disparities; (2) inter-province disparities have decreased since 2005; and (3) The western region has experienced an increase in intra-regional disparities since 2002. These results suggest that provincial GDP per capita statistics should be used more carefully.


Regional disparities; GDP per capita; Statistics; China

JEL Classification

E01, O18, O53, R12, R23


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