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Corporate Information Database

We launched the “Corporate Information Database” project in 2002 aiming at building an archive that covers a broad range of corporate information. This database was designed using concepts completely different from the existing ones. It is organized in an umbrella-like shape, which combines several sub-databases. Those sub-databases have been built since the time of the former Document Center for Business Analysis and have been highly evaluated in the research communities. The sub-databases include the following:

・Multinational Corporation Database, which contains information regarding Japanese firms’ overseas activities.
・Corporation History and Founders’ Autobiography Database, which is an online catalog of corporate history and founder’s autobiographies.

We have also created the “Database on Japanese Companies” (JPCOM), which contains a variety of documents including numerical and non-numerical data, texts, visuals and audio recordings etc. publicized by corporations that have joined the project. JPCOM project was started in 2002 with the support of the JSPS and by the end of fiscal year 2006, had collected over 380,000 pages of various corporate documents from about 270 firms. The project is now in progress.
Genealogical Chart of Major Japanese Corporations 

We have published Hompo Shuyokigyo Keifuzu-shu Vol.1-6,which genealogize Japanese company names and the facts of mergers concerning 1,100 firms listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In order to meet a strong public demand, Shuyo-kigyo no Keifuzu (Genealogical Chart of Major Japanese Corporations) was reprinted from Hompo Shuyo-kigyo Keifuzushu Vol.1-6 and published in 1986 by Yushodo Press Co., Ltd. The latest volume (Vol.7) was published in 1994, which includes firms listed on the 1st Section of the Osaka and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
Major Publications

The following is a list of the Center’s publications in the past.

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Documents Collection

The Center systematically collects books and documents on economic and managerial analysis. A well-catalogued list has contrivuted to research inside as well as outside of the institute.

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The Integrated Center for Corporate Archives has been launched on April 1st, 2010 as the result of th recorganization of the Policy Research Liaison Center. It aims to enrich an archives of documents and qualitative and quantitative data of corparations both for public use, and for supporting scientific researches on economy and business administaration. Information on major Japanese multinational companies is available on our Web site

Director of RIEB ICCA , Prof.

ITOH              Munehiko

Chief Professor of RIEB ICCA & Professor of RIEB

SHEN                 Junyi 

Associate Prof.

KUNIMOTO                Terumasa