RIEB Seminar (Jointly supported by: Kansai Research Group on Development Microeconomcis: KDME and Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation)

日時 2017年4月18日(火)午後6時00分から午後8時30分まで
会場 神戸大学 梅田インテリジェントラボラトリ
対象 教員、院生、および同等の知識をお持ちの方
使用言語 英語
備考 論文のコピーは共同研究推進室にご用意いたします。


報告者 今井 克
所属 マンチェスター大学経済学部
論題 Aspirations and Educational Poverty Traps Across Generations
要旨 This paper empirically tests whether there exists any 'aspirations failure' and poverty traps in education over generations drawing upon nationally representative household data in China. Causalities from parental aspirations to filial aspirations as well as to education are identified by using natural experiments since the 1950s based on instruments, such as parental sufferings during the Great Famine, their social class and experiences in the "(Up to the Mountains and) Down to the Countryside" movement during the Cultural Revolution, and filial in utero exposure to the Great Famine and compliance to the One-Child Policy. Matching the data for parents and children, we have found that aspirations and educational attainments are transmitted across generations, that is, parental aspiration causes filial aspiration, parental education positively affects filial education, and father's education, rather than mother's, raises filial aspiration. Historically, parental experience in political campaigns decreases their educational aspirations, and in utero exposure to severe undernutrition enhances fatalism. Aspirations failure in terms of less perceived importance of education in future life and fatalism that are transmitted from parents tends to decrease filial educational attainments, underlying intergenerational educational poverty traps.


報告者(所属) 坪田 建明(日本貿易振興機構アジア経済研究所)
報告者(所属) 庄司 匡宏(成城大学経済学部)
論題 Exploitation of Trafficked Adolescents: Survey Evidence from Sex Workers in Bangladesh