Tentative Program (June 21, 2002)

                               RIEB International Conference 2002
             "International Trade and Finance: The Rochester Heritage"
                               In Honor of Professor Ronald W. Jones
                                                  RIEB, Kobe University 
                                                  13:30, July 15-16, 2002

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Organizing Unit
: International Cooperation Studies BLDG, Kobe University 
: Research Institute for Economics and Business administration
: KISHIMOTO Tetsuya  KATAYAMA Seiichi  DEI Fumio
Ronald JONES  
ITO Motoshige 
Santanu ROY 
University of Rochester 
University of Tokyo
Boston College and Kobe University
Emory University and Kobe University 
University of Kyoto
Keio University
Florida International University and Kobe University
University of Osaka Makoto Yano Keio University
Conference Program Opening Speech NISHIJIMA Shoji (Director of RIEB, Kobe University) 15 July: 13:30-15:15 Chair: DEI Fumio (Kobe University) Ron JONES (University of Rochester) (with Sugata MARJIT)   "Economic Development, Trade and Wages" ITO Motoshige (University of Tokyo)   "On the Recent Trade Policy of Japan" YANO Makoto (Keio University)   "Bertrand Price Competition under Free Entry Leads to a Competitive Outcome" 15:45-15:30 Coffee break 15:30-17:15 Chair: Koji Shimomura (Kobe University) SHIMOMURA Ken-Ichi (Osaka University)   (with Christopher M. ANDERSON, Sander GRANAT, and Charles R. PLOTT)   "Global Instability in Experimental General Equilibrium: The Scarf Example" OHTA Rui (Keio University) (with YANO Makoto, Keio University)   "Short-run trade surplus creation effects" NISHIMURA Kazuo (Kyoto University) (with SHIMOMURA Koji 、Kobe University)   "Indeterminacy in a dynamic two-country model without market distortion" 16 July: 9:30-10:50 Chair: Hiroshi Ohta (Kobe University) MIYAGIWA Kaz (Emory University and Kobe University)   "Antidumping Policy and R&D Competition" KONISHI Hideo (Boston College and Kobe University)    (with FURUSAWA Taiji, Yokohama National University)   "Free Trade Networks" 10:50-11:05 Coffee break 11:05-11:45 Santanu ROY (Florida International University and Kobe University)     (with Marten JANSSEN, Erasmus University)   "On Durable Goods Markets with Entry and Adverse Selection" Closing Remarks