New Era of FTA in the Pacific Rim
Organized by
Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration(RIEB)
Kobe University

Place Conference Room of the Graduate School of International Cooperation
Date and Hour Friday,February 6,2004

Registration and Coffee (10:00〜10:15)

Introduction (10:15〜10:30)
”Welcomes Remarks”
Shoji Nishijima,Director,RIEB,Kobe University
”Conference Objectives”
Kazuhiro Igawa,Professor,RIEB,Kobe University

Session 1:Empirical Analysis for FTA (10:30〜12:30)  Chair:TBD
Lessons from NAFTA for Asian Free Trade Agreements
Robert McCleery(Monterey Institute of International Studies/USA)
Discussant : Yoichi Matsubayashi(Graduate School of Economics,Kobe University)
”Gains and Losses of Japanese Export Shares”
Jorge Chami Batista(Federal Universities of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil)
Discussant : Kazuhiro Igawa(RIEB)
Open Discussion

Lunch Break (12:00〜13:30)

Session2 : Implications and Lessons for FTA (13:30〜15:00)  Chair:TBD
The Implications of Prospective Free Trade Agreements in East Asia
Hiro Lee(ICSEAD/Japan)
Discussant: Eiichi Tomiura(RIEB)
The Formation of International Production/Distribution Networks in East Asia and Latin America:What Can FTAA Do?
Fukunari Kimura
Mitsuyo Ando(Keio University/Japan)
Discussant: Shoji Nishijima(RIEB)
Open Discussion

Coffee Break (15:00〜15:30)

Session3 : Related Issues to Japan's FTA (15:30〜17:00)  Chair:TBD
The Comprehensiveness of Chilean FTAs
Mikio Kuwayama(ECLAC/Chile)
Discussant: Hamaguchi Nobuaki (IDE/Japan)
A Korea-Japan FTA:Progress,Evaluation and Economic Effects
Inkyo Cheong(KIEP/Korea)
Discussant: Seiich Katayama (RIEB, Kobe University)
Open Discussion

Closing Remarks (17:00〜17:15)
Junichi Goto(RIEB)

 Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration - Kobe University
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