AESS International Conference
on Economic Theory
Organizing Units:
Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration,
IEFS Japan

Dates: June 24-25, 2004
Place: Shin-Kobe Oriental Hotel, Room "Kiku" 9F

【June 24】
     Session 1 (14:00〜15:50)   Chair: Seiichi Katayama (Kobe University)
       14:00〜14:55   Ping Wang (Vanderbilt University)
”Ability-Heterogeneity, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Growth”
       14:55〜15:50   Takashi Kamihigashi (Kobe University)
”Almost Sure Convergence to Zero in Stochastic Growth Models”

Coffee Break (15:50〜16:10)

     Session 2 (16:10〜18:00)   Chair: Mariko Yoshida (Musashi University)
       16:10〜17:05   Tetsugen Haruyama (Kobe University)
“R&D, Inefficient Cycles, and Policy Implications”
       17:05〜18:00   Kazuo Mino (Osaka University)
“Consumption Externalities and Capital Accumulation in an Overlapping Generations Economy”

*          * 
【June 25】
     Session 3 (9:00〜9:55)   Chair: Fumio Dei (Kobe University)
       9:00〜9:55   Sajal Lahiri (Southern Illinois University)
“Gender Bias in Education: the Role of Inter-household Externality, Dowry and other Social Institutions ”

Coffee Break (9:55〜10:10)

     Session 4 (10:10〜12:00)   Chair: Ken-ichi Shimomura (Osaka University)
       10:10〜11:05   Laixun Zhao (Kobe University)
“Dynamic International Labor Standards and Oligopoly”
       11:05〜12:00   Yunfang Hu (Kobe University)
“Indeterminacy in a Two-sector Endogenous Growth Model with Productive Government Spending”

Lunch Break (12:00〜14:00)  “Crystal room”, 11F Shin-Kobe Oriental Hotel

     Session 5 (14:00〜15:50)   Chair: Tomoya Sakagami (Kumamoto Gakuen University)
       14:00〜14:55   Fumio Dei (Kobe University)
“Network Externalities, Discrete Demand Shifts, and Sub-Marginal-Cost Pricing”
       14:55〜15:50   Shing-Kun Peng (IEAS)
“The Industrial Agglomeration with Urban Congestion Cost”

Coffee Break (15:50〜16:10)

     Session 6 (16:10〜18:00)   Chair: Kenji Yamamoto (Otaru University of Commerce)
       16:10〜17:05   Koichi Futagami (Osaka University)
“Dynamic Analysis of Patent Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model”
       17:05〜18:00   Kazuo Nishimura (Kyoto University)
“Indeterminacy in a dynamic two-country model”

 Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration - Kobe University
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