Professor Partha Sen

Partha Sen
Affiliation Delhi School of Economics
Date of birth 1951年 11月 4日
Education 1972年 BA (Hons) Economics, University of Delhi
1975年 MA Economics, University of Delhi
1979年 MSocSci Economics, University of Birmingham
1984年 PhD, London School of Economics
Degree 1984年 Ph.D, London School of Economics
Positions Held 1975年-1977年 Lecturer, Shri Ram College, University of Delhi
1982年-1983年 Lecturer in Economics, University of Bristol
1983年-1984年 Lecturer in Economics, London School of Economics
1986年-1989年 Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
1989年-1990年 Lecturer in Economics, London School of Economics
1990年-1996年 Reader in Economics, Delhi School of Economics
2001年-2002年 Professor of Economics, Indian Statistical Institute
           —on lien from The Delhi School of Economics
1996年-      Professor of Economics, Delhi School of Economics
Current Reserch Capital Inflows: A Comparison of India and the Southern Cone Countries
New Keynesian Macroeconomics
Non Competitive Trade Theory
Environmental Economics with Capital Mobility

■Visiting Positions
■Editorial Positions
■ Publications
 【Publications in Refereed Journals】
Title Publishing Date
“Tariffs in a Ricardian Model with a Monopolistically Competitive Sector: The Role of Non-tradeables” Review of International Economics Forthcoming
"Welfare Improving Debt-Policy Under Monopolistic Competition" Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Forthcoming
"Tariffs in a Dynamic Macro Model" Review of Development Economics (5) 2001
"Terms of Trade Deterioration and Welfare in Developing Economy with a Non competitive Sector" Review of Development Economics (2) 1998
"The Possibility of Welfare Gains with Capital Inflows in a Small Tariff ridden Economy" (co authored with Arghya Ghosh and Abheek Barman)Economica 1997
"Immiserising Growth in a Model of Trade with Monopolistic Completion" Review of International Economics (5) 1997
"Investment in a Two Sector Dependent Economy" (co authored with S.J. Turnovsky) Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 1995
"Capital Subsidy and the Saving Investment Correlation in a Model with Perfect Capital Mobility" Economics Letters (44) 1995
"Imported Input Price and the Current Account in an Optimizing Model without Capital Mobility" Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (15) 1991
"Fiscal Policy, the Current Account and Debt in an Open Economy" (co authored with S.J. Turnovsky) Oxford Economic Papers (43) 1991
"Unemployment Benefits in an Open Economy Model of Interwar Britain" Economics Letters (34) 1990
"Investment Tax Credit in an Open Economy" (co authored with S.J. Turnovsky) Journal of Public Economics (40) 1990
"Terms of Trade Shock and the Current Account in a Monetary Economy" Economica (57) 1990
"Tariffs, Capital Accumulation and the Current Account in a Small Open Economy" (co authored with S.J. Turnovsky) International Economic Review (30) 1989
"Deterioration of the Terms of Trade and Capital Accumulation: A Reexamination of the Laursen Metzler Effect" (co authored with S.J. Turnovsky) Journal of International Economics (26) 1989
"A Semi reduced Form Equation for the Sterling's Effective Exchange Rate" Economics Letters (18) 1985
  【Contributions to Handbooks, Encyclopadia, etc.】
Title   Date
“North-South Trade, Capital Flows and the Environment” in Encyclopaedia of the Life Support Systems (UNESCO and EOLSS) Forthcoming
"Saving, Investment and the Current Account" in F. van der Ploeg (ed), The Handbook of Open Economy Macroeconomics, (Basil Blackwell) 1994
  【Publications in Books】
Title   Date
"Greener Taxes, Freer Trade? Environmental Policy and Tariff Reduction in a Second-best World" (with Sjak Smulders) in L.Marsilini, M.Rauscher and C.Withagen (eds) Environmental Economics and the International Economy (Kluwer) 2002
“The Exchange Rate Since Liberalization and Issues in Capital Account Convertibility” in Raghabendra Jha (ed) Ten years of Indian Reforms (ANU Press)(Tentative Title) 2002
"Financial Sector Reform in India" in M.Tsurumi (ed) The Financial Big Bang in Asia, (Ashgate) 2001
"Asset Bubbles in a Monopolistically Competitive Macro Model" in H. Klok, T. Van Schaik,and S. Smulders (eds), Economologues, Liber Amicorum voor Theo van de Klundert, (Katholieke Universiteit Brabant) 2001
"Lessons from Trade Theory for Environmental Economics" in D. Tussie (ed) The Environment and International Trade Negotiations: Developing Country Stakes, (Macmillan) 1999
"Environment Policies and North South Trade: A Selected Review of the Issues" in V. Bhaskar and A Glyn (eds), The North, the South and the Environment, (Earthscan) 1995
  【Book Reviews in Journals】
Title   Date
"The General Theory--A Second Edition" G.C.Harcourt and P.A.Riach (eds)(Routledge 1997)in the Economic Journal 109, F789-F791 1999
  【Working Papers】
Capital Account Convertibility and Welfare in a Non competitive Trade Model
Krugman's Model of Balance of Payments Crisis: Problems of Non uniqueness
Dynamic Efficiency in a Two Sector Overlapping Generations Model
Fiscal Policy in a Dynamic Open Economy New Keynesian Model
■ Visiting Positions
Spring 2002 Visiting Professor, City University Hong Kong
Fall 2001 Visiting Scholar, HKUST
Spring 1995 Visiting Professor, University of Illinois
Summer 1991
Summer 1992
Visiting Professor, University of Washington
1985-86 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
1984-85 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
■ Editorial Positions
Member, Editorial Board, Arthaniti (2002-)
Editor, Indian Economic Review (1997-2001)
Co Editor, Indian Economic Review (1994 1997)

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