New Dimensions in International Trade
-Outsourcing, Merger, Technology Transfer,
and Culture-
RIEB, Kobe University
December 11-12, 2004
Conference Room of Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies

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Technology Transfer
Ronald Jones (University of Rochester)
  "International Technology Transfer: Who gains and Who Loses?"
Kamal Saggi (Southern Methodist University) and Ping Lin (Lingnan University)
  "Multinational Firms, Exclusivity, and the Degree of Backward Linkages"
Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University), Yoichi Sugita (Columbia University) and Laixun Zhao (Kobe University)
  "Corporate Control, Foreign Ownership Regulation and Technology Transfer"

Zhihao Yu (Carleton University)
  "Economies of Scope and Patterns of Global Outsourcing"
Eiichi Tomiura (Kobe University)
  "Foreign Outsourcing, Exporting, and FDI: A Productivity Comparison at the Firm Level"
Ian Wooton (University of Strathclyde)
  "The Effects of Regional Tax and Subsidy Coordination on Foreign Direct Investment"

Cross-Border Merger
Rod Falvey (University of Nottingham)
  "Quotas and Endogenous Mergers among Heterogeneous Firms"
Larry Qiu (Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology)
  "International Mergers: Incentives and Welfare"
Hassan Benchekroun (McGill University)
  "Trade liberalisation and horizontal mergers"
Stephen Yeaple (University of Pennsylvania)
  "An Assignment Theory of Foreign Direct Investment"

Culture, Trust and Disharmony
Constantinos Syropoulos (Florida International University)
  "Trade Openness and International Conflict"
Sajal Lahiri (Southern Illinois University)
  "Bilateral War in a Multilateral World : Carrots and Sticks for Conflict Resolution"
Ngo Van Long (McGill University)
  "Culture as a Source of Comparative Advantage"

Program Committee
Seiichi Katayama (Kobe University)
Sajal Lahiri (Southern Illinois University)
Ngo Van Long (McGill University)
Larry Qiu (Hong-Kong Science and Technology)
Eiichi Tomiura (Kobe University)
Laixun Zhao (Kobe University)

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