About RIEB

About RIEB



The Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration (RIEB) was first established in 1919 as the Commercial Research Institute of the Kobe Higher Commercial School and boasts the longest history of all social science research institutes affiliated to national universities in Japan. It is also the only university research institute in Japan to focus on the dual fields of economics and business administration.

Our primary aim is to advance the frontier of academic research in the fields of economics and business administration, thus contributing to the creation of new knowledge. We also emphasize research across the interdisciplinary areas that straddle both economics and business administration. The equally important aim of the institute is to contribute to society through educational and awareness-generating activities that are based on advanced research as well as industry-academia-government collaborative research.

In the pursuit of these two aims, the RIEB has vigorously involved itself in cutting edge/interdisciplinary research activities. Areas of particular focus where notable results have been achieved include: (i) the development of global economy with diversity; (ii) finance and macroeconomic dynamics; (iii) technology management and the international competitiveness of Japanese companies; and (iv) theoretical/empirical studies on accounting institutions.

Our affiliated Integrated Center for Corporate Archives accumulates and maintains important materials and documents pertaining to business administration, and has maintained and/or compiled such historical materials as the “Kanebo Collection” and the “Kanematsu Collection”.

The areas of our research have gained importance in today's globalization of economy and business. We continue to pour our utmost efforts into advanced and interdisciplinary research activities, educational/awareness-generating activities as well as industry-academia collaborative activities to contribute to society.