Seminars at RIEB

Seminars at RIEB

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(Last Updated: August 1, 2018)

Date & Time Place Seminar Type Topic Speaker Details
Friday, August 17
K RIEB Seminar (Jointly supported by Rokkodai Theory Seminar) Merger Efficiencies: Benefit or Detriment? The Role of Product Choice in a Mixed Market Structure Lijun PAN
(Business School, Nanjing University [China]) / RIEB, Kobe University)
Monday,August 20
C Monetary Economics Seminar of Kobe University (Jointly supported by Kanematsu Seminar ) Sovereign Default Triggered by Incapability to Repay Debt under a Nonlinear Fiscal Policy Rule Michinao OKACHI
(Economist, Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan)
Tuesday, August 21
K Kanematsu Seminar (Jointly supported by Kobe-DEEH and Rokko Forum) Seeds of American Industrialization: A New View From Economic Geography Stephen SUN
(Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study)
Tuesday, October 9
Mid-sized Meeting Room, Faculty Offices Building RIEB Seminar (Jointly supported by Rokko Forum / Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation / KUMiC Seminar)
※This seminar was originally arranged to be held on July 6, but was canceled due to the heavy rain.
Potential of Data Linkage using Business Microdata based on Basic Survey on Wage Structure Shinsuke ITO
(Faculty of Economics, Chuo University)

* Place:
C: Seminar Room at RIEB (Kanematsu Memorial Hall, 1st Floor)
K: Meeting Room at RIEB (Annex, 2nd Floor)
S: Small Meeting Room at RIEB (Kanematsu Memorial Hall, 1st Floor)
R: Research Room at RIEB (Building No.4, 2nd Floor)

To those who are not affiliated with Kobe University

You are welcome to participate in any of our seminars as long as you belong to the "Intended Audience" on the "Details" page. Our seminars are open to the general public, including business employees.

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