Seminars at RIEB

Seminars at RIEB

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Office of Promoting Research Collaboration
RIEB, Kobe University
Phone:078-803-7036 FAX:078-803-7059

(Last Updated: October 11, 2017)

Date & Time Place Seminar Type Topic Speaker Details
Thursday, November 2, 2017
C RIEB Seminar Impacts of Language in International Business and International Economics Travis SELMIER
(Department of Political Science, Indiana University [U.S.A])
Saturday, November 18, 2017
K Monetary Economics Seminar of Kobe University (Jointly supported by Kanematsu Seminar) Capital Controls, Macroprudential Regulation,and the Bank Balance Sheet Channel Shigeto KITANO
(RIEB, Kobe University)
The Evolution of Inflation Expectations in Japan Masazumi HATTORI
(Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

* Place:
C: Seminar Room at RIEB (Kanematsu Memorial Hall, 1st Floor)
K: Meeting Room at RIEB (Annex, 2nd Floor)
S: Small Meeting Room at RIEB (Kanematsu Memorial Hall, 1st Floor)
R: Research Room at RIEB (Building No.4, 2nd Floor)

To those who are not affiliated with Kobe University

You are welcome to participate in any of our seminars as long as you belong to the "Intended Audience" on the "Details" page. Our seminars are open to the general public, including business employees.

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