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54 Inbound M&A to Japan: Cherry Picking versus Rescue Mission? Ralf BEBENROTH March
(0.34 MB)
A Land-Locked Africa's Growth Strategy: Exports of Knowledge-Based Services Matsuo WATANABE and Hiroyuki HINO
53 The Business Combination Accounting and Probabilistic Purchase Methods Isao NAKANO February
(1.55 MB)
Railroad Regulation in the United States in the Nineteenth Century:
A Lesson in International Accounting
Hidetoshi YAMAJI
52 An Empirical Test of the Efficiency Hypothesis on the Renminbi NDF in Hong Kong Market Hideki IZAWA February
(1.09 MB)
Fragmentation and Production Network in East Asia Nobuaki HAMAGUCHI
A Note on Political EU-Japan Relations and Economic Ties:
Efforts through Cooperation Programs
51 A Note on East Asian Community: ASEAN+3 or ASEAN+3+3 Kazuhiro IGAWA February
(1.07 MB)
Corporate Groups and Stock Pricing in Japan
-Information Transfer Effects of Earnings Forecast Revision-
Kazuhisa OTOGAWA and Hidetoshi YAMAJI
Agglomeration Economies and Formation of Skill Nobuaki HAMAGUCHI
50 A Note on Effects of Economic Development in China:
Climbing Technology Ladder and Trade Surplus in East Asia
Kazuhiro IGAWA February
(1.54 MB)
The Analysis of Price Declines Factors
- The Digital Still Camera Industry Case -
Munehiko ITOH
In Defense of the Autonomy in Neoliberal Economic Policy Reform in Latin America Nobuaki HAMAGUCHI
49 An Economic Analysis of Labor Market Integration in East Asia Junichi GOTO February
(3.12 MB)
Implicit Collusion Models of Export Pricing:
An Econometric Application to the Japanese Case
National Money of Account, with a Second National Money or Local Monies as Means of Payment: A Way of Finessing the Zero Interest Rate Bound. Stephen J. DAVIES
Product Competitive Advantage and Product Architecture
- Value Creation and Value Capture in the Digital Camera Industry -
Munehiko ITOH
48 The Kanematsu Fellowship Award Article
The Usefulness of Financial Statements under Chinese-GAAP vs. IAS: Evidence from the Shanghai Stock Exchange in PRC.
Dan HU February 2004 pdf
(2.55 MB)
The Effects of Structural Changes in Financial System on Corporate Governance in Japan Kenji KOJIMA
A Dynamic Model of Export Adjustment with Deep-pocket Effect: Evidence from Japanese Keiretsu Firms Eiichi TOMIURA
ROSCAs and Credit Unions: Is Modern Japan Missing Something? Stephen J. DAVIES
47 The Theory of International Trade Ronald W. JONES February 2003 pdf
The Fall of 'Companyism' in Japanese Corporate System Kenji KOJIMA
Creation of New Enterprises and Development of Existent Enterprises in East Asia and Latin America Akio HOSONO
Dynamic Export Pricing and Survey-based Exchange Rate Expectations Eiichi TOMIURA
Technological Trajectories and the Origins of New Industries: A Theoretical Model Jeffrey L. FUNK
Japan's Deflation and the Feasibility of Negative Interest Rates Stephen J. DAVIES
The Past and Present of "Local Currencies"; with Especial Reference to England and Japan Stephen J. DAVIES
46 Economic Theory: Past and Future Murray C. KEMP February 2002 pdf
Long-term Cooperation in Japanese Vertical Relationships Kenji KOJIMA
Experiences of Technological Partnership of Japan with Overseas: The Case of Steel Industry Akio HOSONO and Nobuaki HAMAGUCHI
Analysis of Adoption of Forest Certification in Japan from Perspective of Organizational Theory Akira KAJIWARA
Sensitivity of Domestic Production to Import Competition: Evaluation at Different Levels of Aggregation Eiichi TOMIURA
Japan-Korea Free Trade Area and Structural Reforms Bonggil KIM and Kazuhiro IGAWA
45 Imperfect Substitutes and Strategic Trade Policies under Cournot Duopoly:
Mathematical Note
Seiichi KATAYAMA and Hiroshi OHTA February 2001 pdf
Shifts in the Japanese Corporate Governance Kenji KOJIMA
FSC Certification in Japan: An Uncertain Future Akira KAJIWARA
The Long-Run Impact of APEC Trade Liberalization on Real GDP and Sectoral Adjustments Hiro LEE, David ROLAND-HOLST and Dominique VAN DER MENSBRUGGHE
Monetary Cooperation in East Asian Countries:
A Possibility from Macro Economic Indexes and Intra-Regional Trade Dependency
Bonggil KIM and Kazuhiro IGAWA
Discretionary Accrual Models and the Accounting Process Xavier GARZA-GOMEZ, Masashi OKUMURA and Michio KUNIMURA
44 A Note on Possibilities about Japan-Korea Free Trade Area: A Strategic Approach Kazuhiro IGAWA and Bonggil KIM 2000 pdf
Crise Cambial Brasileira -Fundamentos vs. Ataque auto-reálizavel - Shoji NISHIJIMA and Eduardo Kiyoshi TONOOKA
Japanese Supplier Relations: A Comparative Perspective Kenji KOJIMA
Development of the Forest Stewardship Council Certification Program Akira KAJIWARA and Todd MALINICK
43 What South Asia Can Learn from East/Southeast Asia:
International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment
Kazuhiro IGAWA 1999 pdf
Relational Governance in Japanese Vertical Relationships Kenji KOJIMA
A Comparative Analysis of Pulp, Paper, and Packaging Companies in Canada, Japan and United States Akira KAJIWARA
Non-performing Assets of Banks and Financial Intermediation: Experiences of Japan in the Inter-war Period Munehisa KASUYA
42 A Simple Model of Technology Transfers in the North and South Economies;
Technology as Intermediary Goods
Kazuhiro IGAWA 1998 pdf
Trade and Investment Relations of Japan and ASEAN in a Changing Global Economic Environment Shigeyuki ABE
Japanese Financial Relationships in Transition Kenji KOJIMA
Organizational Coordination for Project Interdependency in New Product Development Kentaro NOBEOKA
A Regime Shift in Long-Run Money Demand in the United States Ryuzo MIYAO
The Competition between Regional Standards and the Success and Failure of Firms in the World-Wide Mobile Communication Market Jeffrey L. FUNK
41 Implications of the Asia-Europe Meeting for the World Trading System:
An Issue-Oriented Review
Shigeyuki ABE
Michael G. PLUMMER
1997 pdf
Reconsideration of Averch-Johnson Argument Seiichi KATAYAMA
Fumio ABE
Supplier Relations in Japan: An International Perspective Kenji KOJIMA
Alternative Component Sourcing Strategies within the Manufacturer-Supplier Network:
Benefits of Quasi-Market Strategy in the Japanese Automobile Industry
Value Networks, Industry Standards, and Firm Performance in the World-Wide Mobile Communication Industries Jeffrey L. FUNK
The Effects of Transport Infrastructure and Urban Development Investment in London's Docklands with Particular Reference to Leisure and Tourism 1970-1997 T. S. Mervyn JONES
40 Financial Relationships in Japan: An International Perspective Kenji KOJIMA 1995 pdf
Structural Adjustment and Economic Growth in Mexico: With Comparisons to Indonesia Robert K. McCLEERY
Reorganizing for Multi-Project Management:
Toyota's New Structure of Product Development Centers
Production Subsidies, Local Content Requirements and Foreign Direct Investment:
A Theoretical Analysis
39 Labour Unions and Nominal Prices Kazuo SHIMOMURA 1994 pdf
An International Perspective on Japanese Corporate Finance Kenji KOJIMA
Measuring Natural Resource Rents and their Macroeconomic Significance for Developing Countries, with Reference to Latin American Sugar Producers Robert K. McCLEERY
The Influence of Product Development Strategy on Inter-Project Learning Kentaro NOBEOKA
A Comparison of Japanese and UK Welfare Stephan J. DAVIES
38 Generalized Lower-of-Cost-or-Market Rule for Inventory Valuation for Quasi-rational Managers Isao NAKANO 1993 pdf
Effects of Financial Deregulation on Australian Financial System Kenichi ISHIGAKI
NAFTA and Asia-Pacific Economic Relations Seiji NAYA
The Asian Development Experience and Its Relevance to African Development Problems Seiji NAYA and Robert K. McCLEERY
A Qualitative Assessment of the Effects of NAFTA on Japan's Foreign Investment and Trade with East Asia and Mexico: Opportunity or Diversion? William E. JAMES
Dynamic Effects of Tax Policies in A q Model of Investment Takao OHKAWA and Kazuo SHIMOMURA
Corporate Governance in Germany, Japan, and the United States: A Comparative Study Kenji KOJIMA
Economic Issues in International Debt: A Survey Hideki IZAWA
A Note on the Estimation of Scale Economies and their Use in Modeling Free Trade Agreements Robert K. McCLEERY
37 Corporate Behaviors on Disclosure of Social Responsibility Information and Distrust Dissolution Accounting
-A Survey of Researches Not Based on Rigorous Models-
Isao NAKANO 1992 pdf
Local Entrepreneurship and Reverse Technology Transfer
-Messages from Foreign Companies in Japan-
The Forms of Enterprises and Transactions in General Equilibrium:
A Note on Analytical Framework
Kazuhiro IGAWA
A Note on the Flatness of the Transformation Surface Kazuo SHIMOMURA
The Long-Term Relationship in the Japanese Distribution System:
Game-Theoretic Viewpoints
Recent Developments in the Theory of Trade with Imperfect Competition Winston W. CHANG and Seiichi KATAYAMA
Long-term Expectations and Economic Growth
-A Post Keynesian Theory of Long-term Growth-
Hideyuki ADACHI
36 Outward Direct Foreign Investment and Structural Adjustment in a Small Open Economy Chung H. LEE 1991 pdf
An Approach to Transaction Contracts with Asymmetric Information Kazuo IGAWA
A Mathematical Note on the Impossibility of Global Absolute Advantage Kazuo SHIMOMURA
On Reform of the International Monetary System: A Survey Hideki IZAWA
35 Some Implications of the Present
-Value-Based Depreciation Within the Historical Cost Framework
Isao NAKANO 1990 pdf
Foreign Subsidiaries as Contributors to Parent Companies
-A New Paradigm of Multinational Enterprises-
The Gains from Free Trade for a Monetary Economy Murray C. KEMP
On the Optimal Timing of Foreign Aid Murray C. KEMP, Ngo Van LONG and Kazuo SHIMOMURA
A Simple Union-Ridden General Equilibrium Model Kazuo SHIMOMURA
Industrial Policy under International Oligopoly Kenji KOJIMA
Realtime Distributed Control of World Link Models in the International Computer Networks Ko MIYAZAKI
34 Recent Inflation of Land Prices in Metropolitan Areas of Japan
-A Case Study of Regional Accounting-
Nobuko NOSSE 1989 pdf
Little Basics and Employeeism Japanese Management in International Perspective Hideki YOSHIHARA
Bank's Loans to Developing Countries: A Normative Approach Kazuhiro IGAWA
A Labour Union in Every Country -A Game-Theoretic Approach- Kazuo SHIMOMURA
The Costs and Benefits for Firms of Accounting Information Disclosure Hidetoshi YAMAJI
Increasing Returns to Scale and Optimal Investment Policy of the Regulated Firm Seiichi KATAYAMA and Fumio ABE
Problems and Method of Economics Nobuo OKISHIO
Industrial Organization and International Trade
-Textile Industries in the Western Pacific Region-
Katsuhiko IKEDA
33 Agency Problems and Accounting Communication Isao NAKANO 1988 pdf
Strategic Corporate Innovation and Japanese Management Hideki YOSHIHARA
Financial Deregulation and Financial Relationships between Japan and Australia Kenichi ISHIGAKI
Keynes' User Cost and the Theory of International Trade Kazuo SHIMOMURA
A Note on International Transmission of Disturbances and Policy Interdependence under Flexible Exchange Rates Hideki IZAWA
Monetary Policy and Foreign Disturbances in a Small Open Economy under Flexible Exchange Rates and Rational Expectations Hideki IZAWA
A Sketch of the Theory of Trade Cycle Nobuo OKISHIO
32 Import Demand Structural Change in the Pacific Basin Countries Seiichi KATAYAMA and Kenichi ISHIGAKI 1986 pdf
A Synthetic Analysis of Structuralist and Monetarist Theory of Latin American Inflation Shoji NISHIJIMA
Stagflation -Causes and Policies- Nobuo OKISHIO
A Computable General Equilibrium Model of the Japanese Economy Mitsuo EZAKI
31 Toward the Negative Picture Theory of Commercial Double-entry Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting Isao NAKANO 1985 pdf
Stability of the Demand for Money: Australian Experiences Kenichi ISHIGAKI
"Empirical Study of Changes in Accounting Policy" in the Case of Japanese Enterprises Hidetoshi YAMAJI
An Empirical Study on International Short-Term Capital Movements in Japan Hideki IZAWA
30 National Monetary Policy in an International Capital Market Jürg NIEHANS 1984 pdf
Craft Unions, Wages and Employment Murray C. KEMP
On the Applicability and Implementability of the (Finite) Compensation Principle Murray C. KEMP
Internationalization of Japanese Commercial Banking
-The Recent Experience of City Banks-
Masahiro FUJITA, Kazuya MIZUSHIMA and Ryoichi MIKITANI
Efficiency of the Least Squares Estimators in Linear Models with Idempotent Covariance Matrix of the Error Terms Hiroshi SADAMICHI
Diversification of Large Japanese Manufacturing Firms Hideki YOSHIHARA
Indexing Policies and Macroeconomic Stability in Brazil: Rational Expectation Model Shoji NISHIJIMA
A Simple General Equilibrium Model Involving a Maximizing Labour Union Kazuo SHIMOMURA
29 An Interpretation of Conventional Accounting Income Information Isao NAKANO 1983 pdf
A Production System for Transport Services Tetsuji SHIMOJO
Some Evidences between Foreign Direct Investments and Foreign Exchange Rates:
A Preliminary Note
Kazuhiro IGAWA
Two Types of Railroad Regulation by States in the 19th Century of the U.S.
-Search for the Social Foundation of Modern Corporate Financial Reporting-
Hidetoshi YAMAJI
28 The Internationalization of Japanese Commercial Banking
-Experiences in the 70's-
Masahiro FUJITA and Kenichi ISHIGAKI 1982 pdf
A Synthesis of Simultaneous Equations Estimators Hiroshi SADAMICHI
A Database System of Economic Time Series Hiroshi SADAMICHI and Yasuo NUNOKAMI
27 Accounting Systems of Non-Market Oriented Activities Nobuko NOSSE 1981 pdf
Current Situations of World Economy and Global Adjustment of Industries Hikoji KATANO
Current Cost Accounting and the Concept of Specific Purchasing Power Capital Isao NAKANO
An Input-Output Table for Evaluation of the Shipping Activities Tetsuji SHIMOJO
The Function of Modern Corporate Financial Reporting in a Mass Democratic Society Hidetoshi YAMAJI
26 Economic Policies under the Flexible Exchange Rate System:
a Stock Approach and a Long-run Government Budget Constraint
Kazuhiro IGAWA 1980 pdf
Estructura de las ventajas comparativas y política comercial
-El caso de las exportaciones de productos industriales en el Brasil
Technological Progress and Capital Accumulation Kazuo SHIMOMURA
25 Redundancy of Seafarers and the Practice of Permanent Employment Hiromasa YAMAMOTO 1979 pdf
Japanese Multinational Enterprises: A View from Outside Hideki YOSHIHARA
A Comment on the Bazaraa's Algorithm Komayuki ITOH
Effects of Ship's Size and Cargo Lots on the Ocean Freight Rates Tetsuji SHIMOJO
Direct Foreign Investments and Foreign Exchange Rate:
A Model of Specific Factors and Non-tradable Goods
Kazuhiro IGAWA
24 The Demand for International Currencies and Reserves Masahiro FUJITA and Nobuo MIYATA 1978 pdf
Studies for the Prediction of Shipping Markets -A Survey and their Applications Tetsuji SHIMOJO
A Note on the International Transmission of Policy Effects under Flexible Exchange Rates Kazuhiro IGAWA
A Control Estimation Approach to Time-varying Parameter Models Yukio UCHIDA
23 Alternative Approaches to the Accounting for Education Nobuko NOSSE 1977 pdf
Personnel Management of Japanese Companies in Thailand: A Field Paper Hideki YOSHIHARA
Evaluation of Performance Using Multiple Criteria Komayuki ITOH
Some Bargaining Process Models in the Shipping Exchange Tetsuji SHIMOJO
Asset Diversification under the Flexible Exchange Rate System Kazuhiro IGAWA
22 Pioneering in Australian Direct Trade: Life of F. Kanematsu, 1845-1913 Tadakatsu INOUE 1976 pdf
Productivity Bargaining and the Change of Labour Management Relations in the Japanese Foreign-going Shipping; 1965-1973 Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
On an Interpretable Depreciation Method Isao NAKANO
A New Type of Data Banking System -BEICA System Hiroshi SADAMICHI
Expectation in the Shipping Exchange Tetsuji SHIMOJO
International Capital Movements and Real Capital Accumulation Kazuhiro IGAWA
Legal System of the Free Movement of Workers and Migration Trends in the European Economic Community Kunio SOH
21 Regional Development Policies of Japan in Recent Quarter of the Twentieth Century Minoru BEIKA 1975 pdf
National Income and Expenditure at Factor Cost in Japan 1955-1970:
A Macro-Accounting for Growing Economy
Nobuko NOSSE
Efficiency and Acceptability in Optimal Growth Path Hikoji KATANO
An Equitable Distribution of the Costs and Benefits of Economic Integration Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
Japanese Business Abroad: Past, Present and Future Hideki YOSHIHARA
20 An Analysis of the Brazilian Balance of Payments: 1960-1972 Fukuo KAWATA 1973 pdf
International Money Flow and the Multinational Corporations Masahiro FUJITA
Estimation of Investment Allocation Ratios of Japanese Economy: 1960-1969 Hikoji KATANO
Available Jobs and Employment in Japanese Foreign-going Shipping Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Homomorphism and Business Income Measurement Isao NAKANO
Assets Choice and Optimal International Reserves Kazuhiro IGAWA
19 Patterns of Export Trade of Argentina and Brazil: A Comparative Study Fukuo KAWATA 1972 pdf
Entrepreneurship in America Tadakatsu INOUE
Generalization of Two-Gap Theory Hikoji KATANO
Accounting Measurement and Homomorphism Isao NAKANO
An Interpretation of Two Stage Least Squares Estimators As Indirect Least Squares Estimators in the Overidentified Case Hiroshi SADAMICHI
A Note on the One-dimensional Random Search Komayuki ITOH
Exchange Rate Systems and Distribution of Seigniorage Kazuhiro IGAWA
18 Environmental Pollution Problems from the View Point of Business Management Minoru BEIKA 1971 pdf
Patterns of the Japanese Engineering Trade (1951-1970) Fukuo KAWATA
Optimal Process of Economic Development Hikoji KATANO
Wage and Behaviour Difference in Collective
Wage Bargainings of Japanese Shipping Companies
-A Case Study of the Japanese Shipping Industry-
On Accounting Communication Isao NAKANO
17 An Outline from Office Management to MIS in Japan Minoru BEIKA 1970 pdf
Japanese Economic Growth since the Meiji Restoration: A Social Accounting Approach Nobuko NOSSE
Efficiency of Optimal Growth Policies for Development Hikoji KATANO
Decasualization of Dock Labour -Experiences at the Port of Kobe- Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
The Characteristics of Recent Corporate Mergers in Japan Jiro ONO
Estudos Brasileiros no Japão Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
A Note on the Integration of Economic Theory and Organization Theory Hideki YOSHIHARA
16 The Change of Spatial Characteristics of Industries in Japan Minoru BEIKA 1969 pdf
Functions of Screen Account Nobuko NOSSE
On Mr. Stoleru's Optimal Policy for Economic Growth Hikoji KATANO
A Note on Shorter Working Hours for Seamen Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Objectivity Reexamined Isao NAKANO
A Note on the Behavioral Theory of Innovation Hideki YOSHIHARA
15 Characteristic Approach for Regional Development in Western Europe and U.S.A.
-Relating to the Case in Japan
Minoru BEIKA 1968 pdf
Export Patterns of Leading Industrial Countries Fukuo KAWATA
The Early Development of Kobe Port Seiji SASAKI
Rise of Modern Shipbuilding in Japan and Promoters Tadakatsu INOUE
A Note on the Redistribution of Profits Nobuko NOSSE
International Liquidity Controversy in Japan (2) Masahiro FUJITA
Factors to Determine the Relative Share: The Case of India Hikoji KATANO
Maintenance of Capital based on Earning Power Jiro ONO
Recent Changes in Japan's Trade with Latin America and Brazil Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
Some Inventory Accounting Problems Isao NAKANO
Organizational Slack and Adaptive Behaviour in the Firm Hideki YOSHIHARA
14 A Return on the Confirmed Settlement of Accounts Susumu WATANABE 1967 pdf
Problems of Regional Industrial Development Relating to National Planning in Japan Minoru BEIKA
The Development of Japanese Trade with the British Commonwealth in Asia Fukuo KAWATA
On the Kihansen (Japanese Wooden Coastwise Vessels) Seiji SASAKI
Approaches to Company History Tadakatsu INOUE
Cumulated Cost Ratios for the ECAFE Countries Nobuko NOSSE
International Liquidity Controversy in Japan (1) Masahiro FUJITA
Investment Criterion for Maximizing the Rate of Capital Accumulation Hikoji KATANO
Peculiarities of Maritime Labor -with special reference to the supply of maritime labor- Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Los Estudios Del Brasil En El Japón -Con Referencia a las Ciencias Sociales- Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
13 Annual Income under the Corporation Income Tax Law Susumu WATANABE 1966 pdf
Trade Controls in Occupied Japan (1945-1949) Fukuo KAWATA
Patterns of Domestic Shipping Services
-Characteristics of Japanese Coastwise Shipping-
Approaches to the History of Individual Business Units Tadakatsu INOUE
Cumulated Cost Ratios for the Japanese Economy in 1955 Nobuko NOSSE
Accelerated Growth of National Income Hikoji KATANO
Technological Development and Labour Relations in the Japanese Shipping Industry Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Brazilian Position in the Latin American Free Trade Association Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
Information Specification for Business Management (I) -A Case Study- Jiro ONO
Die Privatisierung der Preußag Masaya OKADA
12 Special Depreciation and Reduced Entry Susumu WATANABE 1965 pdf
Electronic Data Processing System in Japan Minoru BEIKA
A Chronological Table of Modern Japanese Shipping -No. 2, 1800-1912 Seiji SASAKI
Overseas Operations of Japanese Business Enterprises in Brazil Tadakatsu INOUE
A Note on Economic Accouting for Government Sector Nobuko NOSSE
International Liquidity and the Tokyo Meeting of the International Monetary Fund Masahiro FUJITA
Intersectoral Transaction Table with Endogenous Foreign Trade Sector in the Indian Economy: 1955/56 Hikoji KATANO
The System of Reserved Members for Seamen before World War II
-The Employment System of Seamen in Japan-
On the Automation of Banking in Japan Jiro ONO
A Presente Etapa do Desenvolvimento Econômico do Japão Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
Kostentheorie und dispositiver Faktor Tetsuo KOBAYASHI
Grundprobleme der Privatisierung Masaya OKADA
11 Accouting Profit and Taxable Income Susumu WATANABE 1964 pdf
On Integration in Economic Accouting Nobuko NOSSE
Über ,,Cost Accouting Standards'' in Japan Tetsuo KOBAYASHI
A Note on the Lohmann-Ruchti Effect Isao NAKANO
Management Approach to Regional Development Problems in Japan Minoru BEIKA
A Research Report on Office Automation of Middle-Scale Cities in Japan Jiro ONO
Die Geschichte der Privatisierung Masao OKADA
Recent Trends in the Balance of Payments of Japan Fukuo KAWATA
Long-Term Finance in Post-War Japan (1) Masahiro FUJITA
A Chronological Table of Modern Japanese Shipping -No.1; 1600-1799 Seiji SASAKI
The Continuous Employment of Seamen in American Shipping Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Some Problems of the Brazilian Economic Development Plan (1963-1965) Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
10 Revised Accounting Provisions of the Commercial Code of Japan
-with Special Reference to the Corporation Income Tax Law-
Susumu WATANABE 1963 pdf
Social Accounting as an Instrument of Policy Nobuko NOSSE
Industrial Estates for Small Businesses in Japan Minoru BEIKA
Rise of the Mutual Financing Business in Japan Tadakatsu INOUE
The Introduction of European-Style Vessels in Japan: A Historical Survey Seiji SASAKI
On Industrial Relations in Japan's Shipping Industry
-with Special Concern on Personnel Management-
Regional Disparities in the Brazilian Economy: A Case Study on the Brazilian Northeast Yoshiaki NISHIMUKAI
The Basic Concepts of Going-Concern Valuation Jiro ONO
A Study on the Current Cost Theory of Fritz Schmidt Isao NAKANO
Die Kostenbegriffe für die betriebliche Planung Tetsuo KOBAYASHI
Introducting Prof. Shinjo's "History of the Yen" Zentaro MATSUMURA
9 Problems in Port Administration and Finance in Japan Ginjiro SHIBATA 1962 pdf
Types of Early Modern Japanese Shipowners Seiji SASAKi
On the Employment System of Seamen in Japan Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
A Study on Japan's Invisible Trade Fukuo KAWATA
Problems of Industrial Location relating to Regional Development in Japan Minoru BEIKA
The System of Inside Contracting Tadakatsu INOUE
A Critique on Professor Mahalanobis Model of Economic Planning in India Hikoji KATANO
National Income Concepts: Reconsidered Nobuko NOSSE
Some Problems of the Installment Basis Susumu WATANABE
On the Purposes of a Going-Concern Valuation and its Natures Jiro ONO
Die Betrachtungsweise der neueren betriebswirtschaftlichen Kostentheorie
-Auffassung des Ertragsgesetzes-
8 The Industrial System and Industrial Education in Southeast Asia now on the Threshold of Reform; and Japan's position therein Kiyozo MIYATA 1961 pdf
Industrial Structure and Educational System in India
-Industrial Structure and Industrial Education in India (1)
Industrial Education in India
-Industrial Structure and Industrial Education in India (2)
Technical Education in India
-Industrial Structure and Industrial Education in India (3)
Industrial Structure and Vocational Education in Thailand Fukuo KAWATA
The Industrial Structure and Industrial Education in the Philippines Tei-ichi YAMASAKI
Industrial Structure and Vocational Education in Indonesia Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
7 Japanese Emigration and Its Effect on International Payments Ginjiro SHIBATA 1960 pdf
One-to-One Correspondence Between Goods and Factor Prices Hikoji KATANO
The Gold Standard and Banking Capital in Japan Masahiro FUJITA
World Trade and Economic Growth -On Professor Nurkse's View- Fukuo KAWATA
Singularity in the Structure of the Seamen's Union of Japan
-In Comparison with Enterprise Union-
Some Reflections on Inter-Comparability of Social Accounting Nobuko NOSSE
The Meaning of Inventories Susumu WATANABE
Structure of Income Determination on the Balance Sheet Ryuji TAKEDA
On the Value of Stock Rights and Its Significance in Corporate Finance Jiro ONO
Business Features and Management Policies of Industrial Enterprises in Local Districts of Japan Minoru BEIKA
6 History of Yen-Its Developments in the Japanese Ecomony (2) Hiroshi SHINJO November 1959 pdf
The Central Banking Policy in the Meiji Era Masahiro FUJITA
Economic Growth, Balance of Payment and Capital Movement Hikoji KATANO
World Trade and Japan's Export -1953-1957- Fukuo KAWATA
Alguns Aspectos da Mobilidade de Japoneses no Brasil Hiroshi SAITO
Problems of Emigrant-Transportation in Japan Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Port Labor Conditions in Japan -Particularly in Kobe Port- Ginjiro SHIBATA
The Development of the Concept "Operator" in Japan Seiji SASAKI
Single Industry Towns in Japan Miroru BEIKA
On the Application of the Social Accounting Principle to Business Accounting Nobuko NOSSE
Valuation of Work in Process Susumu WATANABE
Developmental Stages Relating to Theories of Stock-Equity Accounting Ryuji TAKEDA
On the Rate of Interest in Business Administration Jiro ONO
Various Classes of Data Processing by Means of Electronic Computer Hideo KITANI
Company Histories in Japan -Materials for Business History- Tadakatsu INOUE and Yoshiro IKUSHIMA
5 History of Yen-Its Developments in the Japanese Economy (1) Hiroshi SHINJO 1958 pdf
Fundamental Features of the Accumulation of Capital in the Late Meiji Era Masahiro FUJITA
Some Aspects of Japan's Trade with South and South-East Asia, 1950-1957 Fukuo KAWATA
Curves of Diminishing Values of Japanese Merchant Ships in Proportion to Their Age Ginjiro SHIBATA
The Modernization of Japanese Shipping Based on the Transportation of Hokkaido Marine Products Seiji SASAKI
Development of the Marine Insurance Industry in Japan in the Meiji Period Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
A Assimilação do Imigrante Japonês no Brasil Hiroshi SAITO
Rate of Profit and International Specialization of Production Hikoji KATANO
Replacement Cost and Lifo Cost Susumu WATANABE
Spatial Problems of Business Activities Minoru BEIKA
The Nature of the Morgan Control Tadakatsu INOUE
On the Effect of Accelerated Amortization for Tax Purposes Nobuko NOSSE
4 The Impact of Exchange Policy on the International Economy of Japan During the Period 1930-1940 Laurence P. DOWD October
A Note on the Recent Trends of Japan's Foreign Trade Fukuo KAWATA
The Development of Overseas Banking System in Japan in the Meiji Era Masahiro FUJITA
More on the Structure of National Income Distribution in Japan Nobuko NOSSE
Reconstruction of the Theory of Purchasing Power Parity Hikoji KATANO
Tramp Shipping Freights and International Trade Ginjiro SHIBATA
A Little Study on the Transition from the Sailing Vessel to Streamer in Japan Seiji SASAKI
On the Regulating Policy of Japan Against the Shipping Confarence-Especially in Relation to the Refusal of the Entry to New Comers Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
The Price Fluctuation Reserve System in Japan Susumu WATANABE
Locational Problem in the New Major Branches of Japanese Industries from 1954 to 1956 Minoru BEIKA
Business Problems in an International Situation Tadakatsu INOUE
3 Industrialization and International Trade Fukuo KAWATA 1956 pdf
Econometric Determination of Foreign Exchange Rate of Japan for 1926-1953 Hikoji KATANO
Present Status of Japan's Shipping Ginjiro SHIBATA
The Distinction between "Shasen" and "Shagaisen" as Historical Concepts in Japansese Shipping Seiji SASAKI
The Banking System in the Middle Meiji Era (1870-1910) Masahiro FUJITA
Disposition of Cost Variances in Japanese Tax Law Susumu WATANABE
Structure of Industrial Districts in Japan -The Cases of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya- Minoru BEIKA
Note on the ZAIBATSU Combines Tadakatsu INOUE
On the Model-Building for Social Accounting Design Nobuko NOSSE
Movements for the Establishment of Free Ports in Japan
-A Historical Survey-
Ginjiro SHIBATA 1954 pdf
Japan's Trade with Latin America in the Post-War Years Fukuo KAWATA
The Maritime Competitions in the Early Meiji Era
-In Relation to the Development of "Common Carrier" Type-
Two Deflations in the Showa Era Masahiro FUJITA
Estimation of the Effectiveness of Devaluation on Balance of Payment Deficit in Japan Hikoji KATANO
The Recovery Method of the Japanese Shipping Industry in Post-War Period Hiromasa YAMAMOTO
Business Accounting and Tax Accounting Susumu WATANABE
Spatial Characteristics of Industries Relative to Their Business Features
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-A Statistical Analysis-
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