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19 How Can Africa Flourish with Ethnic Diversity?: Synopsis of the Fifth Kobe University / JICA Conference on Ethnic Diversity and Economic Instability in Africa Hiroyuki HINO
Taylor St. JOHN
2013 pdf(699.13 KB)
18 Economics of Diversity: Issues and Prospects Hiroyuki HINO 2010 pdf(2.35 MB)
17 Forest Certification and Social Change: A Comprehensive Study in Japan Akira KAJIWARA 2003 pdf(1.36 MB)
16 New Developments in International Trade: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations Edited by
2003 pdf(1.73 MB)
15 Commitments and Contests:
A Game-theoretic Perspective on Japanese Vertical Relationships
Kenji KOJIMA 2000
14 Japanese Corporate Governance : An International Perspective Kenji KOJIMA 1997
13 Economic Relations and Developments in Asia and Pacific:
Collected Papers of International Cooperation Studies
Edited by
Kazuhiro IGAWA
12 Essays on the Economic Analysis of Labour Union Kazuo SHIMOMURA 1993
11 Innovation and Business Dynamism in Japan and Korea Edited by
10 A Quantitative Analysis of Educational Policy in Postwar Japan Yasuo KONISHI 1989
9 Essays in Some Topics of Modern Economic Theory Kazuo SHIMOMURA 1984
8 Japanese Enterprises in ASEAN Countries - Statistical Outlook Hikoji KATANO 1981
7 Economic Analysis of Shipping Freights Tetsuji SHIMOJO 1979
6 Japan's Direct Investment to Asean Countries Hikoji KATANO,
and Kiyoshi IKEMOTO
5 Accounting Measurement under Uncertainties Isao NAKANO 1977
4 Macro-economic Theory of Take-off Process Hikoji KATANO 1971
3 Monetary Factors in Japanese Economic Growth Jiro YAO 1970
2 Production Theory of International Trade Hikoji KATANO 1963
1 History of the Yen Hiroshi SHINJO 1962